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Diamer Basha and Muhammad Dam Donation and Funding

The Diamer Basha and Muhammad Dam Fund is underway, and it needs your help. Us at Digital Pakistan care deeply about the implication of dams in Pakistan, how they help us in so many integral ways, and why it’s important to take a stand for our country and change it for the better.

The importance of Dams

Dams for incredibly important to everyone for a wide variety of reasons, including

  • Domestic purposes. For everyone living near a dam, which includes tens of 1000s of people, it provides water for bathing, cooking, drinking, gardening and more important day to day needs.
  • Provide recreation areas for boating and fishing
  • Provides electricity generation. For anyone living in the area or anyone living in the country, dams are an integral part of the electricity generation process. The biggest dams out there are capable of producing over an astounding 22000MW, which is even capable of supporting gigantic major population cities like Karachi to an extent by itself.
  • Reduce and can outright prevent flooding, which a massive issue faced by 1000s of people and can absolute ruin lives. In times of excess water flow, dams naturally store water in the reservoir so floods can become a non-issue.

Why donating is necessary

The Diamer Basha and Muhammad Dam’s funding is currently in an extremely poor state. While hundreds of people would need to rely on the water from it to live their day to day lives, the actual funding for it is seemingly non-existent and those people have to suffer.

In these dire times, we as Pakistanis need to bring in the change we want to see. To help all of these people, to help our country itself with its electricity problem, and to help even ourselves to prevent the massive amounts of load-shedding taking place across the nation, we need to take a stand and start donating.

You are the only ones who can change this situation.

What you can do

We at Digital Pakistan are gladly willing to support all of these and our nation as a whole through this process, and all proceeds donated will go directly to the dam fund.

Please help us and yourself in this time of need, let our country prosper with a donation today.

All Bank Details For Diamer Basha and Muhammad Dam Donation and Funding

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