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Advanced Web Development Course

About Instructor

Advanced Web Development Course

The advanced web development course by Digital Pakistan is designed for students who are seriously considering a career in Web Development. The training will be provided by our expert trainers who have years of industry experience. Students will be learning theory and practical concepts required for becoming a Web Developer in great detail.

Web Design and Development is a high-demand skill that requires a lot of dedication and practice. After finishing this course, individuals will be ready to build their own web application projects or work as a freelancer.

Web Development Certification in Karachi

After successfully completing this course, students will receive an Advanced Certificate of Training from Digital Pakistan.

Who is eligible?

The course takes students from a beginner level to advanced level so if you are a quick learner then you will have no trouble in grasping concepts. The training is open for everyone who wants to become a Web Developer. Computer Science and Software Engineering students are also encouraged to apply to polish their skills further.

Course Requirements

  • A computer
  • Basic computer knowledge
  • Self-learning ability
  • Internet connectivity

Course Outline

  • Office Automation
    MS Word
    MS Excel
    MS PowerPoint
    MS OneNote
    MS Access
    Advanced Excel
    Working visual Basic
    Excel Scripting
    All Advance Formulas
  • Programming in C & C++
    Exploring C Libraries
    Building Desktop Application
  • Java Programming
    Console application
    Desktop Application
    Sqlite Libraries
    Generating EXE file of Desktop Application
    Python Programming
    Woking on desktop application
    Exploring Desktop App Libraries
    Working on Kivy Desktop Designer
    Working on Mobile Applications
    Python Programming (ML)
    Working on tensorflow
    Working on Google NetClasses
    Complete Object Detection Project
  • Programming in C#
    Console Application
    Desktop Application (Management System)
    SQL Server Database Management System
    Front End Web Development
    HTML5 (Canvase, Advance Featres )
    CSS3 (Animations, Psudo Classess )
    Bootstrap (V3, V4)
    Javascript Libraries (JQ, Angular, React).js
    Web Application Development in Java EE
    Java Server Pages (JSP)
    Working on REST Api’s
    Working on Servlets
    Database (Mysql Data Management)
    HTML 5
    CSS 3
  • Web Development using Python
    Flask (Python Framework)
    Django (Python Web Framework)
    HTML 5
    CSS 3
    Developing MVC Web Applications
    ASP .Net
    C# Programming
    Working on SOAP API’s
    Working on REST API’s
    SQL (Server, Azure)
    HTML 5
    CSS 3
  • Web Development using PHP and Laravel
    PHP Core
    Laravel (PHP Web Framework)
    Codeigniter(PHP Web Framework)
    HTML 5
    CSS 3
    Working on NoSql Databases (MongoDB, Firebase)
    Working on Angular (MVC)
    Complete Project on angular 2 (MVC) with (mongoDB, Firebase)
    HTML 5
    CSS 3
    Working with Linux OS
    Shell Scripting
    Working on OS kernel

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